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Iona College Pledge Reopening 2020

At Iona College it is our priority to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students. As we know, "Gaels take care of Gaels," and this will be an important part of our community response throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever each student, faculty and staff member will have to make a renewed commitment to the Iona College community to ensure the well-being of our Gaels family - both on and off campus. This commitment reaches beyond simply adhering to College policies, procedures, and minimum expectations of behavior.

To ensure good health and safety for yourself, the Iona College community, and our greater shared communities, all members are asked to serve as ambassadors of shared community standards. Gaels are to commit to following expectations at all times, on and off-campus, serving as an "upstander" holding others around them accountable for following these expectations.

As a member of the Iona Community, I commit to:

  • Cover my face with a face covering when on and off campus in public areas.
  • Keep community spaces (kitchens, laundry rooms, lounges, work areas and classrooms) clean.
  • Be mindful of physical distancing, especially in smaller spaces (elevators, restrooms, offices, dining facilities).
  • Maintain good personal hygiene including regularly washing my hands. 
  • Clean high-touch surfaces frequently (cellphone, sink, desks).
  • Abide by room occupancy limits.
  • Stay home if feeling sick.
  • Daily symptom tracker processes including the Gael Care app.
  • Comply with directions from health and College officials.
  • Personally take advantage of support systems, and recommend them to others. I will do what I can to support others in my community by listening and assisting when I can. I will employ patience and understanding, knowing that this is a dynamic situation. I will make efforts to be part of the solution. We know that the virus is not a respecter of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability. Aligned with the mission of Iona College, I will always treat all students, faculty, and staff with the respect every human being deserves and not promote, participate in, or allow my own bias, or bias of others, to impede the access and opportunity of all members of the Iona Community to live and learn in a safe and supportive environment where all are valued and embraced.
  • Uphold these and all expectations of College policies, procedures, and reopening plans.

Iona is striving to provide a quality college experience while keeping everyone safe. It is a shared responsibility. By committing to these principles, and upholding expectations of being a Gael, we all do our part to create a safe community.

* I agree to this pledge.