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Submission Information

As sponsors of an arts event, faculty, students, administrators and staff are invited to apply for financial support from the Council for the arts event.

To be considered, a proposal must :

  • be co-sponsored by an Arts Council member (please contact the member prior to submitting the application);
  • include a completed application form - available by calling (914) 637-7796 or by e-mailing Madalyn Barbero Jordan; and
  • be submitted to Madalyn Barbero Jordan by Friday, March 12, 2021, at 5 p.m.

Arts Council members are willing and able to help any individual who is interested in developing a project. Please call or email Madalyn Barbero Jordan at (914) 637-7796 with questions.

(As co-producer, you are willing and able to work to bring this event/exhibit to its successful completion.)
Please supply the following information:

Please forward supporting materials, if available, to Madalyn Barbero Jordan, Arts Council via campus mail.
3. PROJECTED ADMISSION CHARGE, ANTICIPATED INCOME (if any): (Ordinarily income from events is returned to Council on the Arts.)
Please obtain the sponsor's consent before attaching their name to your proposal.
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Madalyn Barbero Jordan, Coordinator, Arts Programming
Please call (914) 637-7796 or any Arts Council member with questions.