Computer Science Internship
The Computer Science Internship (CS 498) provides majors with an opportunity to earn three elective credits for work experience. The course is normally restricted to juniors or seniors. The prerequisites are completion of CS 301, Data Structures and Algorithms, and a 3.0 index in computer science.

Students may use positions they acquire on their own or through Iona. Positions may be paid or unpaid. As Internship Coordinator, I maintain a list of potential positions that may be appropriate for credit. The job must be pre-professional in nature; students must demonstrate that they are learning advanced material in computer science. Typically, positions whose principle responsibilities entail tasks such as programming, database administration or work with leading edge technologies are eligible for credit. Students have held internships at major corporations such as IBM and Pepsi as well as at numerous banks, software development companies, consulting firms and non-profit organizations throughout the New York metropolitan area.

The course is offered in the Spring semester, although the work can take place in the Fall or Summer and the credit applied in the Spring. For more details, see the CS Internship Syllabus or contact me via email.
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