Undergraduate Student Research Participants since 2006

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Research Topic


Christina Luis ’07 ACS-PRF; Iona College A Single Microdroplet as a Microchemical Reaction Container 2006-2007
Shelby Erb ’08
Admiral Farragut Academy, 9-12 Education
Dreyfus; Iona College Chemical Reactions in a Microdroplet 2006-2008
Kristin Allain ’08
(JD, Stetson University College of Law) Children's Legal Services Attorney at Florida Department of Children and Families
Iona/AMEX Grant
Controlled Crystallization of K3Fe(CN)6  (Honors Thesis 2008) 2006-2008
Aaron Snyder ’08
(MD, The Florida State University College of Medicine) Emergency Medicine Resident at University of Conn.
AMEX Grant
Lysozyme Crystallization (Honors Thesis 2008) 2006-2008
Aileen Hilario ’09
(OD Program, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine)
ACS-PRF; Dreyfus; Iona/AMEX Grant Specific Ion Effects on Cationic Surfactant (Honors Thesis 2009) 2007-2009
Loreta Geneviciute ’10
(DMD Program, New York University College of Dentistry)
Dreyfus; NSF-RUI
Polytype Selectivity for K4Fe(CN)6 2007-2010
Joseph Wiener ’10
(PepsiCo, Research scientist)
ACS-PRF; Dreyfus; NSF-RUI Metal Induced Bilayer Formation 2007-2010
Remon Bebawee ’10
(ACS-PRF-SUMR Scholar 2008, MD Program, SUNY Buffalo)
ACS-PRF; Dreyfus; NSF-RUI Template Effect on K3Fe(CN)6 crystallization 2007-2010
Nick Florio ’11
(MD Program, SUNY Stony Brook, School of Medicine)
Dreyfus; NSF-RUI; PMF Additive Effects on NaCl 2008- 2011
Paul Sanstead ’11
(PhD Program in Chemistry; U. Chicago; Semifinalist for the 2011 National Collegiate Honors Council Portz Scholars)
Metastable Zone Width for K2SO4
(Honors Thesis 2011)
2008- 2011
Diana Nunes ’11 (MS Program in Health Science) NSF-RUI; Iona College Visualization of Solubility Phenomena 2010- 2011
Kiersten Giusto ’12 (PhD Program in Pharmaceutical Science, St John's University) NSF-RUI; Iona College Determining solute concentration in microdroplets by refractive index/Crystallization of Inorganics/Organics and Templating Effect 2009- 2012
Ines Silva ’12 (MST Program in Education, Iona College) NSF-RUI; Iona College Learning Modules for Microscopic Visualization Phenomena 2009- 2012
Catherine Morris ’12 (Pharm.D Program, St Joseph's College) NSF-RUI; Iona College Crystallization of Inorganics/Organics and Templating Effect 2009- 2012
Alexander Soderberg, ’12 (MS Program in Chemistry, Northern Arizona Univ.) Iona College; Bruker Inc. Development and Validation of an FT-NIR Method for Identification of Spectrally Similar Materials using a Hierarchial Approach 2010- 2012
Erin Morgan, ’13 (PhD Program in Chemistry, UC Santa Barbara) Iona College; PMF; Bruker Inc. Protein and Polymer Stability by FT-NIR and ATR-IR
(Honors Thesis 2013)
Allyson Moffat, ’13 (Church & Dwight Co., Inc) Iona College; Bruker Inc. The Effect of Nature and Ionic Strength on Protein Denaturation by FT-NIR (Honors Thesis 2013)
Zuzanna Michalak ’13 (PhD Program in Penn State University)
ACS WCC and Eli Lilly Award
NSF-RUI; PMF Understanding the Nature of Adhesion at the Droplet Interface Bilayer: Theoretical Approach (Honors Thesis with Distinction 2013) 2009-2013
Nousin Haque ’13 NSF-RUI; PMF Understanding the Nature of Adhesion at the Droplet Interface Bilayer (Honors Thesis 2013) 2009-2013
Darius Fartash ’13 NSF-RUI; PMF The Study of Osmotic Flux Across a Surfactant Bilayer 2009-2013
Daniel Lutolf-Carroll ’14 NSF-RUI; PMF Development of Image Analysis Software for Surface Tension 2010-2014
Peter Vitale ’14 (OD Program, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine) NSF-RUI; Iona College Polymorphism of Glycine (Honors Thesis 2014) 2010-2014
Courtney Veilleux ’14 (PhD Program in Rutgers University) NSF-RUI; PMF Biomineralization in a Confined Space 2010-2012
Jaclyn Robustelli, ’14 (PhD Program in Univ. Pennsylvania) Iona College; PMF; NSF-RUI; Bruker Inc. Development of Hybrid Analytical Technique: NIR/TLC
(Honors Thesis 2014)
Akshay Koottala, New Rochelle High School Iona College; NSF-RUI Solvent intercalation at the liquid-liquid interface-Influence on Glycine Polymorph 2011-2013
Omoakhe Tisor, ’15 CSTEP; NSF-RUI; PMF Monoglyceride-templated crystallization (Honors Program) 2011-present
Michelle Muzzio, ’15 (PhD Program in Chemistry, Brown University) PMF; NSF-RUI Artificial Membrane via Droplet Interface Bilayer (Honors Program) 2011-present
David Lopez , New Rochelle High School STEP Monoglyceride-templated crystallization 2011-present
Kevin Towler, ’15 PMF; NSF-RUI Honors Program 2011-2012
Rosario Giacomini, ’15 Iona College; NSF-RUI Artificial Membrane via Droplet Interface Bilayer 2011-present
Safiat Ayinde, ’15 (PhD Program in Pharmacology, Johns Hopkins University) CSTEP; NSF-RUI NIR Study of Active Pharmaceutical Ingrediants 2013-present
Peter Milianta, ’16 NSF-RUI, PMF Membrane Permeability using Droplet Interface Bilayer (Honors Program) 2013-present
Ricardo Oliveira, ’16 NSF-RUI, PMF Food Emulsions (Honors Program) 2013-present
Jacqueline Martinez, ’16 NSF-RUI, PMF Emulsions for Cosmetic Applications (Honors Program) 2013-present
Melissa Morales, ’16 CSTEP; NSF-RUI Study of Polymorphism: Thermal Behavior 2013-present
Sean Campbell, ’16 NSF-RUI, PMF Neural Network Analysis for NIR Spectra (Honors Program) 2013-present
Geoffrey Cawley, ’16 NSF-RUI Software Development for Image Analysis 2013-present
Mona Jasmine Ahonen, '14 (PhD Program in UNC, Chapel Hill) NSF-RUI Study of Polymorphism: Thermal Behavior 2014-present
Maria Lopez, '17 CSTEP; NSF-RUI Apprentice 2014-present
Sue Ellen Evangelista, '17 NSF-RUI Apprentice, Honors Program 2014-present
Kalen Sullivan, ’17 NSF-RUI Apprentice 2014-present
Jacqueline Denver, '17 NSF-RUI Apprentice, Honors Program 2014-present

Note: ACS-URS: American Chemical Society Undergraduate Research Symposium
ACS-NERM: American Chemical Society Northeast Regional Meeting
ACS-PRF-SUMR: American Chemical Society-Petroleum Research Fund-Supplement for Underrepresented Minor Research
Iona/AMEX Grant: American Express Grant (Iona College Honors Program)
URD: Undergraduate Research Day
NY ACS YCC: New York ACS Young Chemist Committee
ACS WCC: ACS Women Chemists Committee
NSF-RUI: National Science Foundation-Research for Undergraduate Institution
PMF: The Patrick Martin Foundation