Membrane Mimic

Lipid membranes represent the most important biological interface. The structure and properties of lipid membranes are strongly modulated by the composition of constituent lipids and the surrounding ionic aqueous medium. Our interests include how and to what extent do various compositions of lipids and salts affect the structure and property of lipid bilayers, using droplet interface bilayer as a model membrane. In our recent study, we demonstrated that the droplet interface bilayer (DIB) can be employed as a convenient model biological membrane to rapidly explore subtle structural effects on bilayer water permeability.

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Z.Michalak, M.Muzzio, P.J.Milianta, R.Giacomini, S. Lee, "Effect of Monoglyceride Structure and Cholesterol Content on Water Permeability of the Droplet Bilayer", Langmuir, 29 (51), 15919–15925, 2013.