Current Undergraduate Student Researchers

Our research group is composed solely of undergraduate students. Generally, students perform research projects for several consecutive years, gaining valuable experience in independent study, and mentoring newer research group members. If you would like to join Dr. Lee's undergraduate research group, please contact Dr. Lee at

Jaclyn Robustelli ('14) Peter Vitale ('14) Michelle Muzzio ('15) Omoakhe Tisor ('15)
Rosario Giacomini ('15) Safiat Ayinde ('15) Peter Milianta ('16) Ricardo Oliveira ('16)
Geoffrey Cawley ('16) Sean Campbell ('16) Melissa Morales ('16) Jacqueline Martinez ('16)
David Lopez (New Rochelle High School) Mona Jasmine Ahonen ('14) Daniel Lutolf-Carroll ('14)   Sue Ellen Evangelista ('17)
Maria Lopez ('17) Kalen Sullivan ('17)